I’ve struggled writing this post, as it has been sitting as a draft for months. I have wondered if I could do this family justice, tell their story and portray their strength as amazing as it was and continues to be…but today is pregnancy and infant loss awareness day, no better day. 22 weeks into her pregnancy, Kathryn found out they had lost their sweet little boy, Lane. He was boy #3 for their family and as a mother, I cannot even begin to fathom their heartbreak. When Kathryn emailed me to book a session for Lane, that and that they’d be traveling in from out of state, I said yes in a heartbeat. They wanted to honor and celebrate Lane, in photos. I feel so very honored to be able to use my craft for them.

Being a farm family, one of Lane’s older brothers said he needed a tractor to take with him to Jesus as they were preparing for his funeral so Kathryn made sure to bring along some of their favorite tractors and a big blue balloon.

A week before their due date with Lane, they found out they’re expecting their rainbow baby! My heart is so full for them, and I cannot wait to see images of their new sweet bundle! Kathryn has shared her story on Rural Housewives, and you can read her story HERE. Your sweet family is so dear to us Kathryn, thank you again, for trusting us.

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Every once in awhile, you meet people who you know will be lifelong friends…and you do that by surrounding yourself with good people.:)I thank my best friend, Andrea, for introducing us to this family. Ted and I have spent many nights losing money playing (or trying to play) poker around Andrea’s kitchen table with these guys. This family…the location…and the love…so much perfection!

Denver CO Family Photographer 01pinimageDenver CO Family Photographer 02pinimageDenver CO Family Photographer 03pinimageDenver CO Family Photographer 04pinimageDenver CO Family Photographer 05pinimageDenver CO Family Photographer 06pinimageDenver CO Family Photographer 07pinimageDenver CO Family Photographer 08pinimageDenver CO Family Photographer 09pinimageDenver CO Family Photographer 10pinimageDenver CO Family Photographer 11pinimageDenver CO Family Photographer 12pinimageDenver CO Family Photographer 13pinimageDenver CO Family Photographer 14pinimageDenver CO Family Photographer 15pinimageDenver CO Family Photographer 16pinimageDenver CO Family Photographer 17pinimage

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  • October 14, 2014 - 9:05 pm

    Amber Waller - My name is Amber, Chad Elwood is my cousin, and I just wanted you to know how in love with his photos I am! I am an aspiring photographer and hope, to someday, be in your league. Photographers like you make me want to cram in any lesson I can, Now, so I can do what you do. Good job on an amazing session! I may be a tad biased, but they’re perfect!!!ReplyCancel

We spent many nights camping with these kiddos this summer and I was so excited to be able to take them out to the sunflower fields by Denver International Airport…it was everything I had hoped for and more. These kiddos, the flowers and the amazing sunset are just a few things I love about this session.

Denver CO Photographer 01pinimageDenver CO Photographer 02pinimageDenver CO Photographer 03pinimageDenver CO Photographer 04pinimageDenver CO Photographer 05pinimageDenver CO Photographer 06pinimageDenver CO Photographer 07pinimageDenver CO Photographer 08pinimageDenver CO Photographer 09pinimageDenver CO Photographer 10pinimageDenver CO Photographer 11pinimageDenver CO Photographer 12pinimageDenver CO Photographer 13pinimageDenver CO Photographer 14pinimageDenver CO Photographer 15pinimageDenver CO Photographer 16pinimageDenver CO Photographer 17pinimageDenver CO Photographer 18pinimage

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