Dream | Denver CO Photographer

I’m a little bit behind on blogging…but I had to share this sweet little newborn. She wanted nothing to do with sleeping on our first attempt but we came back for day two and she was a dream. I had a REALLY hard time narrowing these down, harder than normal…so get ready for a TON of images.

The C. Family | Denver CO Photographer

This was a photographers dream…incredible golden light, beautiful family who are also good friends and fall colors. I loved everything about this session…take a peek!

kelle - Hey Lora! I just spent some time looking at your images~I LOVE how clean and crisp they are…and your composition is lovely! Do you share and/or sell your actions? Would love to achieve that creamy blurred background…and yes, I shoot with fast lenses, but I still don’t get that beautiful blur the way I see in your work! Either way~I admire your work!

admin - Hi Kelle! What lenses are you shooting with specifically? :) I don’t currently sell any actions of any kind, but it isn’t something I’ve put out of my mind completely. :) THank you for the kind words. <3

Fly | Denver, CO Photographer

Take a peek at another gorgeous family I photographed while in Oklahoma. Amber is a photographer herself and a very talented one at that. Her little guy is so cute and such a boy!  We braved the wind and cold weather and got some beautiful images of Amber and her family.:)Take a look for yourself!

Denise Borrell - These pictures are of my son, daughter-in-law and my grandson. They are wonderful pictures and I love, each and every one of them. These are very special.

Friends + Photographers | Denver, CO Photographer

Photographing another photographer’s family is nerve wrecking to say the least. Tavia made it easy though, he family was a blast!  I met Tavia through ClickinMoms (an amazing forum for women photographers) and then in person at a get together while living in Oklahoma.  I was so excited when she snatched up one of my Oklahoma sessions in November.  She has the most adorable little guys and beautiful family . Tavia is also a Crossfit athlete and any other Crossfit peeps out there will know that if you both do it, it binds you together, even if you hardly know the person.;)Take a peek at her wonderful little family and Oklahoma’s gorgeous fall colors.

Tavia Redburn - You’re awesome Lora! Thank you, again, for the beautiful images. I know what you mean about photographing other photographers, but you shouldn’t have been nervous because I think you’re amazing! And thanks for calling me an athlete! lol.

Annette - These pictures are soooo very cute!

Oklahoma Fall | Denver, CO Photographer

I spent 5 days last month in Oklahoma photographing 5 amazing families and I can’t wait to show you them all! One of the things I love about Oklahoma is that the fall colors hang around a little bit longer than they do in Colorado..which made for some beautiful scenery.

This is R and her sweet family. We photographed them on their property that had the most amazing tree covered driveway up to their house. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to shoot. Not only that, her kiddos were so well behaved. I thought about stealing them and taking them back to Colorado so they could teach my boys a few things:)Thank you guys for letting me spend the evening on your property.